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How does key-data gold allow me to manage student lets and/or hmo's

Key-data gold offers agencies and landlords a number of powerful features that allow for the easy management of student lets and hmo's

Student lets - * variable rent processing: key-data gold offers the ability to generate rents on a variable basis instead of on a simple fixed period (such as calendar monthly, four-weekly, weekly etc.) I.e. Annual term start and end dates may be defined along with a rent amount for each period and all rents for a term may be processed with one button click.

Hmo's and students - * instant property replication: key-data gold makes it possible to replicate a previously defined property into a number of units/flats/apartments that allows the housing of each person resident in a property, into a separate unit. Ideal for students/occupants with different start dates, security deposits and rent amounts.

* multiple occupancy: key-data gold allows you to easily add multiple tenants in one property each sharing a common tenancy agreement.

* part payment of single rent items: where several students/occupants form a single tenancy agreement key-data gold enables you to generate a single rent transaction and then record part payments from individual tenants against this.

* generation of multiple rents: alternatively, where several students/occupants have been recorded in one property and a single rent item part paid from each tenant is not desirable, it is possible to tell key-data gold to generate a separate rent item for each tenant in the property.

* student let' reporting: key-data gold property listing reports may be generated on the basis of whether the property is marked as a 'student let' property or not. This allows for a great deal of reporting flexibility.

* batch communicate student tenants: key-data gold allows you to batch communicate with just your student tenants, thus saving time and increasing your efficiency!

* receiving rent and fees in advance of a tenancy commencing: key-data gold allows you to assign a future student/applicant with a property even where the property is still accommodated with a current tenant! This allows you to manage rent and other accounting transactions weeks or months before the tenancy commences! This powerful feature allows single-click access from the property to both the current tenant and future tenant information and account transactions.

Show a property as under application:-

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Firstly convert the applicant to an un-accommodated tenant.

Go to 'property management' and select the property concerned, then go to 'detailed property information' and at the bottom right of the rent details tab, you will be able to use the drop down to assign the applicant to the property.

When you close the 'detailed property information' screen you will see that you can click the applicants name below the landlord and tenants names and go to their record sheet, it also marks the property as let agreed in your marketing material. You can view the list of properties using the under-application filter and also via 'letters & reports/reporting/properties/under application'.

The accounts for the applicant have now been activated so that they may be invoiced or have 'rent items' generated for them before they are fully moved into the property, as well as being able to record funds into their credit bank to show money held on account.....great for student lets!

Where an applicant has been assigned to a property (and the property is therefore under application), then the property address is now displayed on the 'detailed tenancy record' screen.

You can remove the applicant from being under application by going to detailed property information and using the cross bottom right to remove their record.

Update notes:
Due to the recent powerful accounting developments related to the assignment of applicants to properties, an applicant may now only be assigned against one property.
To assist the fast registration of additional applicants where required, a shortcut-link to the applicant management screen has been added just below the application management area on the 'detailed property information' screen

A new marketing option box has been added to the 'advertising' tab of the 'detailed property information' screen. The 'display as under application' option will continue to notify the property portals to advertise the property as under application, even when the property has moved to a new tenancy. This option takes precedence over whether an applicant has been assigned or not in the 'under application management' area on a properties 'rent details' tab. Following this update, all properties with an applicant assigned and marked as under application will have had this option ticked. Note:
Where your agency wishes to continue to automatically advertise a property as under application even after a tenancy has been registered then the 'after new tenancy, do not alter application setting' should be ticked in the 'portal uploads' area on the 'general' tab of the 'admin tools/system/preferences' screen.

A new reporting feature has been added to the reporting/landlords tab. The new hmo occupancy & rent report feature allows the user to derive rent, commission, repair, charge and arrears transaction and balance information on the parent property of the building. The result of this is that if the hmo property comprises 20 rooms, then the report brings together all transactions from all rooms into one easily digestible report. Previously this information was available from the occupancy & rents reports routine but each room was reported separately (this pre-existing feature remains untouched).
Additionally the report may be generated to display just the summation balances for each accounting group, or alternately the balance supported by a breakdown of transactions that comprise the balance. The generated report may be easily emailed to the landlord and other third-parties by selecting the email this report option. The report template may be edited by the user from the : mainscreen/edit/reports/landlord items/hmo occupancy & rent reports routine.

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